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2023 Fiber Shows

April 29th

CT Sheep & Wool Festival

October 20th-22nd

NY Sheep & Wool Festival

November 4th-5th

Fiber Festival of New England

2023 Supply Shows

March 18th

Big East Show

March 29th-April 2nd

NY Dairy Carousel

April 15th-22nd

Northeast All Breed Spring Show

April 20th-23rd

Fryeburg Youth Show

April 28th-30th

NY Cattle Battle

May 4th-5th

Big East Show

May 26th-28th

Jersey Fresh

June 16th-17th


July 13th-16th


July 19th-22nd

NY Ashyire Show

July 21st-23rd

Genosee County Fair

July 24th-28th

Washington County Jersey Show

July 9th-11th

Farm Museum Livestock Show

August 7th-21st

Erie County Fair

August 22nd-September 4th

New York State Fair

September 11th-October 1st

The Big E

September 6th-10th

New York Holstein Show

October 27th-29th

Stock Yard Classic

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